Take the first step to better blood sugar management with CGM. 

With a CGM you can: 


  • Reduce or eliminate painful finger sticks

  • Receive alerts to potentially harmful high and low blood sugars to ensure immediate correction

  • Share data with caregivers (even when apart) 

  • See how food, physical activity, illness and medications affect glucose levels

  • Help manage your A1c

What to Expect:

Once you request your CGM our team will ensure you qualify and contact you to discuss your personalized out of pocket cost and answer any questions. There is no obligation to see if a CGM is right for you so request your CGM today!


Real-Time Results

CGM provides real-time readings, allowing you to see where your blood sugar has been and where it is heading without testing multiple times a day. Giving you more information to help manage your health.

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Freedom From Finger Sticks with CGM


A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is an FDA-approved device that empowers people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes monitor changes in blood sugar more effectively and help increase their time in range. 

Are You… 

  • Taking insulin at least 3 times/day OR using an insulin pump?

  • Seeking better blood sugar management?

  • Visiting diabetes provider regularly (every 6 months)?

See if You Qualify

We proudly offer: Solara carries a full line of CGM systems from the leading manufacturers.  We are committed to helping you find the one that fits your personalized needs.