Medtronic Minimed 630G (R) Insulin Pump

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User-friendly, waterproof§ design

  • Waterproof§ protection
  • Color screen with auto-brightness
  • Easy-to-use menu and buttons
  • Airplane mode for travel
  • Polished black exterior finish; easily customizable with a wide variety of personalized skins

Remote insulin dosing

  • Highly accurate wireless CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 meter (a MiniMed™ system exclusive)
  • Quick, easy delivery of a bolus

Fewer shots

  • Small device worn on your body that continuously delivers insulin
  • Tubing changes needed only every two or three days

Adjustable settings

  • Optional CGM with Guardian™ 
    Sensor 3
  • Multiple insulin delivery settings

95.7 grams  |  2.1”W x 3.78”H x 0.96”D

Medtronic Minimed 630G (R) Insulin Pump