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Several people finally arrived at the innermost layer. "Peng Yu was stunned for a moment before he saw the porcelain. He didn't expect that Li Yang, whom he met in the morning, was steatite c221,also here.". In previous rumors, no one told him that these singing porcelain bottles were discovered by Li Yang, and there were not many people who knew Li Yang here. The experts, Mr. Xiang and Mr. Cai, didn't notice Li Yang. As soon as they went in, they were attracted by the twelve black Xs on the table. The old things with big doors were like the porcelain of the Song Dynasty, and they were from famous kilns. These things were more attractive than Li Yang. Mr. Li, why are you here. Peng Yu hurried forward to say hello to Li Yang, and then raised his head to the old teacher and Cai, and looked at Li Yang in amazement. Director Peng, Xiang Lao, Teacher Cai, "Why are you all alarmed?" Li Yang shook his head helplessly, "Now even CCTV's" Treasure Hunting "program has come and it's more difficult for him to go at this time." It may be from the Jun kiln, but how did these sounds come out. Xiang Lao just looked up at Li Yang and continued to look at the bottles. He didn't care what Li Yang said. All his attention had shifted to the bottles in front of him. Teacher Cai was better than him and said hello to Li Yang. "He also hurried to see the bottles.". Peng Yu smiled apologetically at Li Yang: "We are recording the program. I heard that there is porcelain here that can sing. I came to see it right away. Mr. Li," Did you also hear this specially? " "I came here on purpose." Li Yang was slightly stupefied and then shook his head. Li Yang looked at the crowd gathered around, shook his head and said: "I collected a pair of vats, and unexpectedly found that there might be something hidden in the vats, so I came here to cut open the vats to have a look. As a result, I took out these bottles from the vats!" As he spoke, Li Yang pointed to the twelve black bottles. Peng Yu's mouth immediately opened wide. At first, he thought Li Yang had come after hearing about them, but he didn't expect that "these bottles were actually cut out by Li Yang." Mr. Li, you, you mean that these bottles that can make sound are all found by you. Peng Yu's heartbeat suddenly accelerated a lot, met in Jingdezhen, Yusheng, Li Yang has been very surprised, "met Yusheng again to pick up leaks, or pick up big leaks" This is definitely a very good news topic. Li Yang nodded, "Cai Laopi and Xiang Lao raised their heads at the same time and looked at Li Yang in disbelief.". Are these bottles Li Yang's? Everyone did not expect that these porcelains were obviously from the Song Dynasty, and they could also make crisp music, which can be called the top national treasure from these two points alone. Such things, no matter which kiln comes out, can be said that their value is not under the bowl of longevity. "Compared with the bowl of longevity,


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