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Gao Shiqing was neither salty nor light, saying, "Shaoqing is always by the side of the emperor. Of course he Diameter tape measure, knows the emperor's mind.". Although it is far away from the Lantern Festival, preparations are being made everywhere. Sixteen courtyards of Shanglin Garden are preparing for singing and dancing orchestras early to win the joy of the emperor. It's just that although the singing and dancing orchestras in the Sixteen Courtyards of Shanglin Garden are not bad, it's very hard to tune them up. Miss Pei has always attached great importance to the mind of the emperor, so she hurriedly tuned Mengdie to go to Dongdu. "Miss Mengdie is the one who went to teach Mingxia Courtyard, one of the Sixteen Courtyards. If Shaoqing wants to see Miss Mengdie, she's afraid to go to Dongdu!" Yu Wenhua and his face changed slightly. He looked up to the sky and laughed. "Well, you are so tall and mysterious. You didn't say it earlier. It made me angry. It seems that I want to see the dream butterfly. I really want to go to Dongdu." Gao Shiqing said soft with hard, pulled on the saint, Rao is Yu culture and arrogance, but also dare not say much, afraid to be caught by Gao Shiqing. Just because of Miss Pei's advice, it's better not to say anything about it. "Gao Shiqing said with a bitter face," Shaoqing, you know what Miss Pei means, and I dare not disobey. If you don't force me to be urgent, I really won't say it. " "So it's all my fault?" Yu culture and light way. Gao Mou dared not. Gao Shiqing handed his hand. Wrong is wrong, what dare not dare. Yu Wenhua laughed. "Since I was wrong, I have to make amends. How about this? Today I disturbed your interest in drinking. Tomorrow I will entertain all of you. You, you are not allowed to be absent, otherwise you will not give me the face of Yu Wenhua." He stretched out a finger, skipped Lin Shizhi, yuan Lan, but also specifically pointed to the next Xiao Buyi, but let Xiao Buyi slightly stunned. Yu culture and finish, not waiting for everyone to promise, has laughed out of the Tianxiang Square, Gao Shiqing slightly frowned, silent. Xiao Buyi always felt that Yu Wenhua and today were not for the dream butterfly, but were quite interested in himself. Although he met him for the first time, he seldom looked at himself. Seeing that Lin Shizhi had already come over, Xiao Buyi couldn't help asking, "Brother Lin, what is the background of this Yu culture? Why don't you put Gao Ye in your eyes?" Lin Shi straight mouth a trace of disdain, lowered his voice, "he is not relying on Lao Tzu's scenery, his Lao Tzu Yu Wenshu, is now the general of Zuowei, deeply loved by the emperor.". Yu Wenshi, his younger brother, married Princess Nanyang.


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