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Ways to write good writing Argumentation at the level of analysis of a work of art implies a reference to a specific element of the text and the interpretation of this element, whether it be an image, a motif, a detail, an episode. If a graduate analyzes a work of art, then, as a rule, he receives high scores. If the analysis is replaced by a retelling of the text or general reasoning, then the score drops quite significantly. Therefore, it is important to conduct a successful analysis with the help of which helps a lot in writing good thoughts at work. It is important in writing the work to come up with something new. There are very interesting works that show an extraordinary, bright personality, and they are always interesting to read, but at the same time it is important to fit into the criteria by which the works are evaluated. Non-standard statements and reasoning will be useful to such graduates in the future for their individual projects, scientific and popular science articles. But at the exam, you need to play by the rules in order to be able to enter a university and realize your creative plans there. may help in the future, but you need to follow the rules in the exam. Thus, it is possible to score a good score. Another mistake that is hard to deal with: very often it seems to students that the more original they present the work, the more correct it will be. They often confuse an essay on literature with a final essay, which has a completely different genre and involves a statement of a personal nature.And an essay on literature is a mini-scientific statement, where the most important thing is not to present yourself and your originality, but to show how you can identify the author's position. At the same time, it is very important to analyze with the help of the best resume editing service and write a written work. In this case, it is likely that the written work will be well appreciated. To do this, you need to know well the era to which the author of the work belonged, the features of the artistic method in which the writer showed himself, to know the traditions that he followed, etc. Here the task is to show your ability to understand another person, the author, his philosophical position expressed through a work of art. Interpreting a text does not mean thinking it through. When students begin to guess, this leads to factual errors and, accordingly, to undesirable results, and it can be very frustrating to deduct points for this.

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